Day 24: Cold Water Therapy

Man, my shoulders are really starting to gripe at me for my workout yesterday. That’s okay, I’ve gotta miss my workout tomorrow, but I’ll get one in on Sunday. Two workouts last week and two this week, that’s a ton better than none at all.

I wonder if I’m starting to get some cold adaptation going on – the shower was cold this morning, but it wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as it has been. I thought to myself that yeah I’m going to have to start doing full cold plunges to which I had an almost physical reaction to – so yeah definitely what I need to do next.

I don’t know why, but it’s really hitting me that I need to systematize my progression in everything I want to do – well more that I’ve gotta pick a couple personal pursuits and focus on those. That focus needs to be systematized – it’s something I’ve always known, but for whatever reason I’ve been becoming more decisive about things. Maybe I’m getting older, maybe I’ve managed to pull my head a few inches out of my ass.

Regardless, I’ve been figuring out some things about myself this year that have eluded me. Not the least of which is the difficulty/disappointment of achievement when you’re motivating yourself with the wrong things or if you have some vision of people suddenly seeing you as some badass human for doing something difficult. People are more likely to try to drag you down than encourage you – especially if they themselves aren’t working toward something. You need to have a clear sense of why you want to do something.

Why the fuck am I putting myself through these challenges? It’s really because I want to become a healthier and more integrated person. I want real wisdom and experience and it’s only by actually doing difficult things that you’ll gain anything worthwhile. The first and often toughest battle is in the mind – you need discipline yourself to bypass your mind when there’s something you know you need to do in order be/have something you want.


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