30 Day Challenges

New Year’s Resolutions suck – you’re likely to try to think too big or too vaguely to actually make any changes that will stick. As well when you mess up, you’re more likely to simply give up.

So for 2024, I decided to try doing 30 day increments where I try out new habits. 30 days seems like a natural block of time to box things into and in the worst case where I fowl up entirely I just start over and go for another 30 days.

Starting Off Winning – my first challenge of 2024, giving myself some things that I’ve wanted to do for a long time but never sat down and got to work on them. As well give myself a mental boost because I’ll already have some wins for the day.

Shaping Discipline – my second challenge of 2024, there are martial skills I need/want to develop as well as professional books I’d like to read. So I’m adding in a martial practice every day and I’m giving myself a goal of reading a professional book every 30 days.

Embracing Warriorship – my third challenge – that I ended up re-starting and then giving myself permission to abandon – for now at least. I tried to make too big of changes too quickly I think. I don’t know that my foundation is ready to handle the demands I want to put on it with this.

Cold Water Therapy – what happens if you stop chasing comfort? There are a myriad of health benefits to cold water exposure. There’s also a lot of mental health benefits as well as an opportunity to develop temperance.

No Alcohol – Alcohol is a social lubricant, and there are some health benefits associated with consumption of small amounts. But in my case I drink too much and I hide from responsibilities and what’s happening internally. It’s time to change that.