Day 23: Cold Water Therapy

I didn’t take a hot shower last night – I was tired anyway. I still slept pretty good. I did get out of bed at 545 this morning – which is an improvement over recent weeks.

I got out of bed and hydrated, then went in and took my shower without hardly a second thought. After that I got ready to go to the gym – yeah I took a shower then went and got sweaty. Doesn’t make much sense on its face, but I realized how making myself endure the cold is making denial so much easier in general. So yeah I made it to the gym after dropping my kiddo off at the babysitter.

While I was at the gym, my mind kept trying to talk me out of my weights, reps, sets, and my rest time. But I did everything I set out to do today and made myself take a little over 2 minutes of rest between work sets. I also did a warm up set on deadlifts between my 2nd and 3rd work sets on press – so yeah that saved a few minutes.

I’m tired, but not nearly as tired as I have been after the last couple sessions. I still need to take a quick shower and actually get ready for the day – I’ll go do that now.


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