Day 4: Embracing Warriorship

I’m really not feeling like I’m embracing warriorship today – but I’m going through everything.

I showed up at the dojo and did some light bag work, light stretching, and some combinations in the air. I just couldn’t get my joints to warm up. I probably need to get some sleeves for my knees and elbows for days like this. Although I suspect, that’s just an excuse.

Really what is my purpose right now?

  • To be a good father
  • To be a good husband
  • To be a good security engineer
  • To be a good martial artists

That’s why I’ve set up my daily practices the way I have, but why am I dragging my feet so much lately? Probably because the novelty has worn off and it’s now just something I do.

I need to wake up with a sense of purpose and vigor in the morning.

I suspect that’s a matter of mental discipline – perhaps this is where affirmations come in? I’ll have to try verbalizing my purpose first thing in the morning.


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