Day 5: Embracing Warriorship

Something absolutely unexpected happened yesterday – my neighbor who almost made me punch his lights out – apologized. So yeah, that’s nice, I know another of my neighbors by name and hey he’s walking his dog on a leash and apparently not being so much of a jackass. Wow.

In other news I’ve actually been debating on the usefulness of these 30 day challenges at this point. I’ve built myself a pretty good morning routine that’s helping sort a lot myself out and setting me up for success during the day. As well, I’m being more physically active and getting regular training for strength, martial arts, and handling my EDC. I’m reading everyday, something uplifting and something technical. I’m also writing every day. As well as spending time disconnecting from everything during mediation.

I really don’t know where I can go from here with these challenges.

I realized yesterday/this morning, that I’m living my life doing what I’ve told myself for years that I need to do and just never got to doing it.

Yeah I’ve got a ton of things I can still improve on – finishing projects being a big example.

But really, I can’t ask for more than what I’m doing right now – I’ve made some huge strides in my life recently. It’s feeling like I need to give the new seeds I’ve planted time to grow and bear fruit.

I do need to figure out some affirmations for myself as I think that in combination with everything else I’m already doing will really kick things up a notch.


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