Day 3: Embracing Warriorship

I woke up on time and got through my morning stuff done and then took care of everything except for weight training. My body is still acclimating to the new training schedule, so I’m going to forgo weights today. I’ll get up early tomorrow and get training in the dojo done. A good sweat after some heart pounding and extended cardio.

I got to take my son into an Easter event at his pre-school today. It was fun seeing all the kids and interacting with them. I was realizing how much the mobility work I’ve been doing has made a difference – I was able to kneel on the floor for a few minutes without discomfort and then I switched to cross-leg. When it was time to get up, I was able to stand up without discomfort.

Something I don’t think I mentioned when I did my training on Day 1 – I got to the 2 minute rounds and I was hating life. But after the first or second round, there was something that seemed to wake up in me. Though I was exhausted the training felt good – almost like I was being rejuvenated by the exertion.

Yeah I’ve been pretty tired since then, but it felt good and the overall feeling I’ve been dealing with is fatigue not soreness. Which is really good – my muscles are becoming accustomed. Now I just need become more accustomed to the cardio again, then the fatigue shouldn’t be so deep.

There’s probably some nutritional steps I can take as well – but that’ll take some research. In the meantime, plenty of protein and carbs while I take my vitamins and get rest.


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