Day 5: Embracing Warriorship

Wow, this 30 days is proving to be a lot harder ramp up than I thought. But I’m still doing what I can – while still being a good father, husband, and employee. These practices are meant to improve my life overall not take it over.

I did get most of my list done yesterday, including going to the gym and getting a full three sets squats in. While I’m not sore this morning, I’m tired – my alarm went off and my body simply said no. I haven’t been this physical for a while. I forgot how exhausting squats are – especially when you’re pushing weight and going full “ass-to-grass.”

Here’s what I got done yesterday:

Only got 4 reps in at working weight on deadlifts, but I’ll take it.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow when I go in for my next training session.

I’m debating on reducing scope, but a bigger part of me just wants to ride this out. My body will adapt like it has in the past – I just need rest and raw materials for my body to rebuild.

Squats it is! (Yes, I’m actually debating on this as I’m writing).

I’ll just let the Yoga and kettlebell ladders go for a couple weeks until I’m accustomed to the weights again. Yeah, I’ll still be tired as the process involves knocking my body out of homeostasis every session, but it should take less for my body to recover and I can put that into more active recovery with Yoga and then the ladders.

I just tried to ramp things up too fast – live and learn and keep pushing – however small an increment the push is.


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