Day 4: Embracing Warriorship

I stayed up late so I could spend some time with my wife, but that derailed me waking up early enough to get everything done. So I did some abbreviated stretching and deep breathing, then I did a few sets on a kettlebell ladder – that was plenty to really wake me up.

I’m perfectly content with my choices to stay up late and then get enough sleep.

Being decisive is something I’ve started becoming only recently. There is a lot of peace in simply making a choice and moving forward as opposed to being indecisive and concerning yourself with “what if?” constantly.

In Hagakure there is a passage that advises one to make a decision within 3 seconds. While I don’t think every decision should be made that quickly – especially with my professional work. There is something to be said for making decisions with finality.

If there are behaviors you’re trying to change, most of the time people fail simply because they refuse to make a decision to move on from the behavior. When an opportunity for the behavior presents itself, people will agonize over “not doing it” as opposed to saying “nope” and then moving on. Yes the opportunities for the behavior will most likely keep presenting themselves over and over again, but as opposed to simply leaving yourself in the state where you’re tempted, you should make a choice and move on.

Wow, just had a flash of Yoda saying “do or do not – there is no try.” That “trying” is what happens when you fail to make a decision. Either do a thing or don’t do a thing – it’s that simple.


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