Day 3: Embracing Warriorship

I was actually up and out of bed earlier than 4:45. I got up and grabbed my yoga mat (I really need one that’s big enough for me – it’s on my list now). I went through what I could remember of some flows from when I was going to Xenga on a weekly basis. 10 minutes of that and I was feeling pretty good, only mildly stiff from Friday’s workout. Then I picked up the kettlebell and I was able to do a ladder of 6.

I don’t know that I broke these down, but you do 1 swing, set the kettlebell down. You stand up and take 1 breath. Then you do 2 swings, take 2 breaths, then 3, and so on. I was able to make it to 6, then I went back down to 1. Then I sat down and worked on my breathing. Tomorrow I’m gonna try for 7 or more. It’s also Wednesday tomorrow so I’m heading back to the gym for more squats, followed by bench, and deadlifts.

Being on day 3 of this, it’s been kind of disappointing to have to ramp up more slowly than I would have liked. But this is about making progress everyday.

I’m reading from multiple books every day. I just finished one book prior to starting this 30 day cycle, I’m about 1/3 of the way through Living the Martial Way which has been a great read. Now I’m building up my cardiovascular endurance – more specifically my VO2 max. I’ve been practicing something martial arts related everyday for over a month now – now I’m doing at least two martial arts related things every day.

This process has been absolutely great, it will be interesting to see where I’m at in a few months when I’m celebrating having completed six months of these challenges.


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