Day 2: Embracing Warriorship

I still fought with myself for half an hour this morning before getting out of bed. Well really I slept like crap – I kept waking up, ironically I’m pretty sure that it was because I was looking forward to getting onto day two. But then my alarm went off and I instantly wanted to go back to sleep (seems like a trained response, I should change my alarm tone).

These blocks feel more simple, yet they require more dedication. I didn’t get through my morning block before I had to head to work, but I did get some of the health related block and both of the professional block items done (I prioritized based on what I would most likely be willing to do immediately after I got home).

The Yoga was uncomfortable, but easier than yesterday. The walks and Yoga seem to be having the effect on getting the soreness out of everything. I’ll definitely get kettlebell swings in tomorrow. And actually I think the ramp up in difficulty is good for me. I should be good to go back to the gym for day 4 as planned.

The EDC draws are definitely helping. I’ve still got a long way to go, but they’re getting smoother and more consistent. The martial arts practice everyday is also helping a lot.

All of this feels like an accomplishment in and of itself, even if I don’t get anything else done (I still generally do get more done though).


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