Day 16: Building a 2nd Brain

Wow, I let the blogs on this get away from me.

I’ve been keeping up with putting notes into Joplin and it’s been helping keep track of things. I’ve also been listening to the audio book for Building a Second Brain by Tiago Forte and it’s been enlightening about the methodology.

I’ve been thinking in terms of keeping track of everything but that’s not what the system is actually for – it’s for tracking what’s important. Granted I’ve still been using it for tracking a lot of my projects at work – which has been helping substantially.

One exercise in particular is building a list of ongoing questions and when I come across a piece of information that seems relevant/resonates with me personally, then I can take said information and try to apply it to all of the active questions I currently have.

The questions are very relevant to what you want to accomplish. In my case my most pertinent questions are:

  • How do I help my employer become more secure?
  • What are the rules that make American Kenpo techniques effective?
  • How do I develop my body to be more resilient and capable?
  • What kind of “nice guy” behaviors do I still engage in?
  • What services can I engage in that people happily pay me money for?

With this list of open ended questions, I’ve noticed my brain is constantly looking for ways to answer those questions or resources that might help me answer those questions. Particularly with the Kenpo question, I’ve been going over things the last couple of days and I think I’m starting to get past surface level crap and I’m starting to see something. I also stopped by and talked to one of my teachers and had a good conversation with him about it, he gave me a few insights or at least helped me come up with some of my own that he seemed impressed with.


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