Day 18: Building a 2nd Brain

Another day – another day. I’m happy to be breathing.

I hit the gym yesterday, I didn’t really workout least week. I didn’t think much about it until this morning. My mid-back is becoming sore AF. I think it was the medicine ball carries I did yesterday. I was going to do waiter carries, but then I saw the 50lb medicine ball and thought “I should totally carry that.” The carries weren’t bad, so I did more laps back and forth across the gym. As well I tried some breathing to get my obliques on my right side to engage more. I think it worked – but wow, I don’t know that I’ve been this sore in those muscles before.

As far as the 2nd brain stuff goes, things are still moving along. It’s starting to become more natural to start taking notes on what I’m working on – which is nice when I’m done with a particular bit. I still need to move articles to Instapaper and just catch up them on a day. That’ll be the next addition. As well I need to review audio book bookmarks.

Well happy Insurrection Day! to all of my fellow countrymen. Fuck you King George! (Yeah he’s dead, but whatever.)


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