Day 21: Building a 2nd Brain

Still working through the process, I really need to offload stuff to Instapaper – but I haven’t done a ton of article reading. I realize I spend most of the time listening to/watching videos on Youtube – for better or worse. I’m still getting better at taking notes from videos I’m watching for information.

This is a good set of skills I’m developing, but this has been a crappy 30 day challenge.

I’m thinking for the next one, I’m going to work on my focus – which will primarily involve doing focus windows of time with breaks in-between. But I’m also going to get back to doing the really useful stuff I found for the mornings (getting up early, journaling, meditation, reading, and cold showers). I’m looking forward to that – I’m debating on ending this one, while still keeping the habit up afterword.


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