Day 10: Building a 2nd Brain

I picked up the audio book and started listening to it yesterday – good stuff, expanding a lot of my understandings around the whys of this process as well as some interesting anecdotes about successful people in the past that have used various forms of notes.

I also started going through my work computer and cataloging/organizing the information that’s in all the files I’ve strung all over my hard drive. It feels good clean stuff up. After I cleaned up/documented my browser tabs yesterday, I went back in and almost had a bit of a panic attack when all of my tabs were gone. But then I remembered that I cleaned them up – *whew!*

It’ll be interesting having my work machine’s desktop and directories cleaned up and cataloged. After that I’m planning to tackle my inbox – that’s where a lot of the directly actionable stuff is going to be found and is sorely needed be cataloged as well as finished.

I still need to do the same thing for my personal machine as well. But one step at a time.

There has been a bit more clarity in my head today, knowing I don’t have to remember to do so much crap – all the stuff I need to do is getting put somewhere that allows me to capture it and then not worry about it until I need to take action on it.

I made it to the gym today, and I went through a pretty light workout for day one of de-load week. I’m not looking forward to the 100 effective rep workouts I’m going to start trying next week. Well really I am, but you get the point.


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