Day 12: No Alcohol

Here we go day 12. I took a cold shower first thing, then we went to our in-laws and the Mrs. cooked breakfast for everyone and we went to the cemetery to visit some graves.

My shoulders and upper back are definitely feeling yesterday, I’m pretty sure it’s gotta be the half-rep dumbbell bench press. Yep, gonna keep those in the rotation. Speaking of rotation exercises, I was worried that my progress might stall if I was too focused on mixing things up. But rotating through variations of major lifts has been helping a lot actually. Then it hit me this morning as I was getting out of my shower, I haven’t used my weight belt in a while. I’m thinking I’ll try puling 315 next week and go from there, hell I’ll probably try 275 on my squats and give it a shot on my squats. I’ve also got weight lifting shoes I haven’t been using on barbell squat days – I’ll need to add those back in.

We had a BBQ yesterday, and a couple people asked about beer. I apologized that I didn’t give them a heads up about me being dry at the moment. I’ll be dry when we go for the first camping trip of the year as well. Oh well, this a great exercise in self-control and denial.


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