Day 13: No Alcohol

Yeah alcohol is definitely a vice when I’m bored – it hasn’t been so bad since I’ve been making myself read and work on projects around the house more often. But yeah, nothing beats a cold beer after some yard work in the heat. Oh well, this is about denial and building Temperance as a virtue within myself.

I’ve setup a bit of a game for myself with training for the next tournament my grandmaster is putting on in November. I’m going to enter the sparring division – something my ego has been really afraid to do as I’ll probably get my ass kicked by the guys in my division – they’re all upper belt ranks that have been training for way longer than I have (and most likely more consistently). I’m using the tournament as motivation to building my stamina, flexibility, and general striking competence. Yeah it’s just point sparring, but these guys are good and fully capable of full contact if need be.

I’m doing rewards RPG style where I get experience points (XP) when I complete tasks. To make sure I can’t simply spam easy stuff over and over, I’m only allowing XP allotment for each task once per day. Some of the tasks have overlap, but that’s fine. As well, when I level up, the task requirements will level up, but still be only worth the same amount of XP. The amount of XP required for each level will also increase. If I can get to level 4 by tournament time I’ll probably be as ready as I can be.

Tournament Training Log


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