Day 7: No Alcohol

I really need to exercise some self-control with sugar. I’ve been making excuses and consuming a shitload of sugar for the last two weeks. I induced a sugar crash last night – something I haven’t felt for over 20 years (back when I graduated from high school, I consumed way too much Pepsi and shit food in general). So yeah, cutting back on sugar – like I already should have been.

Thinking about the No Alcohol part of this, here I am before I made myself start over. Yeah, I probably could have reasoned (and my mind still does) that I’ve actually been functionally without Alcohol for two weeks. But, I didn’t keep my word to myself – even if it wasn’t on purpose.

I hit gym this morning, got in a good workout. Did some kickstand squats with the front leg elevated while holding 20lb dumbbells in each hand. Picture a Bulgarian split squat, but instead of having my back foot elevated, I’ve got my back foot on tip-toe and my front leg is on an elevated platform (just a small step). Oh yeah, those were good and it’s really showing how much my glute engagement has improved on my right side.

After the split squats, I did bench press – got 2 sets of 5 at 245lbs, and a set of 4 at 245lbs. Then I did high/low carries with 50lb dumbbells – I have got to be careful with those, I notice some worrying discomfort in a couple of spots with the shoulder of the hand holding the weight over my head. Thinking about it, I should probably just carry those at my shoulder with the higher weights, as well I should be doing more asymmetric loading with these carry exercises.

I did a couple sets of shoulder tap planks – I got caught up talking to a new acquaintance at the gym about various exercises and what they do for your body. Then I had to take off before I got the third set I was going to do in. Oh well, yeah definitely need more of the shoulder taps.

So I’m working on some bigger projects for the site. I’m in a work process, I’ve been feeling bad because I don’t have anything up yet, but then I was listening to a recent episode of the Unsubscribe Podcast and Angry Cops was talking about how he’s got a 45 minute video that’s taken him two months to do – and he’s been doing this kind of stuff for years. That alleviated some of my regret, as I’m still trying to even figure out how to approach what I want to to do.


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