Day 8: No Alcohol

I did pretty good at denying myself a bunch of extra sugar last night. I still drank a 20oz Coke and I’m sure there some other small indulgences. But overall I did managed to cut back quite a bit. I have been noticing some of my belly fat seems to be softening up – a good sign as it means my fat is being broken down. Most likely the breakdown has been enabled by the increase in my insulin sensitivity.

I didn’t get out of bed at 5:15 when my phone went off, but I did get out of bed and the first thing I did was to get a fresh set of clothes and then jump into a cold shower. Yeah, that freakin wakes me up like nothing else.

Holy crap, my lats apparently got worked yesterday and I didn’t realize it – they’re feeling pretty exhausted today. That may make teaching interesting tonight as I’m working with my class on sparring for the next several weeks. It’ll be good, I’ll be getting some cardio in. I was also noticing last night how strong my hips are feeling as well as how much more more relaxed my hamstrings feel, I was able to throw axe kicks with my toes over my head while my legs were cold – been a number of years since I’ve been able to that. Especially since I’ve shied away from them since I pulled a hamstring about 5 years go. Even then I almost pulled a hamstring probably 9 months ago.

I’ve been thinking about my writing style for this site as a whole – these journal entries are fine for journal entries, but I’m trying to figure out a voice/perspective for the bigger project I’m working on right now.


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