Day 6: No Alcohol

I’ve got zero ambition today. I slept pretty good aside from my kiddo crawling into bed with the Mrs. and then kicking me and squirming woke me up a few times. I didn’t get out of bed until 630 this morning.

Yeah, I need to go take a cold shower and just get moving. But that hasn’t happened yet. I’m being lazy and avoiding work by journaling and writing blog posts.

Overall, I continue to notice improvements in how I feel while I’ve been without alcohol. Yeah, my feeble little has been pushing hard for the “easy” thing to do and almost had me convinced to have a drink last night. But, powered through/distracted myself.

I suppose this would be a lot easier if I had some weight loss or some big change to point to.

Something like coming to grips with your addictions and vices is important for progressing as a human being. But, the changes are primarily on the inside – although those changes on the inside will more than likely manifest external changes soon enough.


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