Day 5: No Alcohol

My appetite has been noticeably less the last week. My wife has been loading my plate like normal when she brings me food, but I’ve been eating much less – maybe half the food. I’m still feeling fine, I’m not feeling like I’m starving or that my blood sugar is low.

Makes me think my insulin resistance is going lower – doing a quick search on insulin sensitivity and cold water therapy – yep, decreased resistance and increased sensitivity seems to be a side-effect. Which would mean my body is more actively using calories as opposed to pushing them into fat storage and dropping my blood-sugar which would spike my appetite.

If that’s true, then my insulin resistance levels must have been affecting me far more than I realized. I haven’t been losing weight, but I have been noticing that I’m feeling far less sluggish lately, my energy levels are more consistent, and I haven’t been suffering from brain fog. Then with my activity levels staying up, and my calorie intake decreasing, my body composition has to change.

All that being said, I’ve still be craving sugar from time to time – but the craving are going down and things like coke and rockstar are tasting a lot sweeter.

I’ll keep going and see where I end up.


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