Day 4: No Alcohol

Last night was rough with the no alcohol – I’m pretty sure these cold like symptoms have been alcohol withdrawals. But I’m feeling better today. I ended up consuming way too much sugar last night. Had a couple cokes at lunch, then drank one last night – as well I ate some fruit snack pouches.

I made it to the gym this morning and got everything in – 265 on squats, 135 on overhead press, 295 on deadlift, and I did some one sided suitcase carries with a 45lb dumbbell. This cycle of doing more corrective exercises/building core strength seems to be working – so I’ll continue with them.

Yesterday I got to be part of a promotion board for someone I’ve known for a while – he was promoted to 8th degree black belt (anything above 5th typically denotes the contributions you’ve made back to the arts as opposed to your physical skill). His teacher was there presiding over the event – a very interesting man.


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