Day 3: No Alcohol

I started to feel like I’m fighting a cold last night, it’s gotten a bit worse this morning. I figure it’s probably withdrawals – or maybe I am getting sick – which would be weird as I haven’t been around too many people the last few days. Oh well, it is what it is, worst case I end up laid up in bed for a few days.

I seem to be getting over the sugar cravings, as well I notice I’m not eating as much in general. My blood sugar levels seem to be more stable – even when I skip breakfast and forget to eat lunch. Yeah I was pretty hungry when I sat down for dinner last night. The Mrs. and I went to a Brazilian steakhouse – yum – lots of protein. It wasn’t until I started eating that I realized how much of an appetite I had.

I should have done something to track my spending on alcohol – I was just thinking about it and there’s a decent chance I was spending about $10-15+ – A DAY – on drinking. So minus the $11 beer on the day I had to start over on and that means I’ve probably saved around $100. Damn, vices are expensive.

I’ve also been drinking more water the last week or so, I was watching a recent Huberman Lab podcast on Oral Health and one of the big things you can do to improve your mouth health (aside from brushing and flossing) is to drink water more regularly – especially after eating. The water raises the PH in your mouth so it becomes more alkaline which promotes healthy bacteria and allows saliva to help re-mineralize your teeth.


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