Day 2: No Alcohol

It really is amazing how much better I feel not drinking before bed.

Yeah I still don’t have much in the way of stuff accomplished, but I’m more engaged with my son after work and I’m finding I generally feel better. My head is clear, I don’t feel the effects on my balance and coordination the next day.

I went to the gym this morning, I had to make it quick as I forgot about errand I had to run right after. So I did 3 sets of 10 Kickstand Squats on each leg, 3 farmer carries around the gym with 80lb dumbbells again, 3 sets of 20 mason twists to get some more core work in.

Speaking of my time in the gym, I was in teaching Kenpo last night and there’s a tournament coming up so some people from the class before mine were wanting to work sparring. I haven’t actually sparred in a while (probably 1yr+). But I said okay sure – the head instructor likes to talk me up to the other students for some reason.

Anyway, we got into it and I immediately felt a sense of stability/mobility in my hips/knees/ankles I haven’t felt in a decade. Without warming up – which wasn’t smart – I simply saw a target and threw a lead leg roundhouse to my partner’s head without thinking. I felt my hamstring stretch slightly, but everything was rock solid. So yeah I’m quickly becoming a big believer in some single leg squat variations – yeah I’m still cycling in regular “ass to grass” barbell squats. But these Kickstand Squats are definitely staying in my rotation.


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