Day 7: No Alcohol

Day 7, after today, a week without alcohol.

I’m conflicted at a realization – yeah I’m glad I’ve gone 7 days without alcohol. But hell, I sound like an alcoholic – I’m not making light of people who actually do have a physical dependency on alcohol. Alcohol is one of the most deadly addictions you can have – hence why I realized I need to redefine my relationship with it.

I have nothing against alcohol, some of the best times I’ve ever had have been with groups of friends gathered around some drinks.

Alcohol is a social lubricant – if not “a” then “the” social lubricant.

But it’s waaayyyy too easy to fall into a rut of “let’s have a drink” – a drink after work, a drink after a bad day, a drink after a good day, a drink just because I’m bored and “ain’t got shit to do.” I still haven’t been making any better use of my time at night, but I’m more present with everything that’s going on and it’s been nice.

Alcohol is expensive – even more expensive when you develop a taste for higher end stuff.

Yeah I’m simply reinforcing my reasoning for going through this process. But redefining my relationship with alcohol while not just separating from it completely is something I feel I need to do.

On the upside, I slept really well last night, absolutely no brain fog this morning (or any morning for the last week). I also noticed some persistent nasal congestion has completely cleared up this morning. That was nice for going to the gym this morning.

Speaking of the gym, I did something to a tendon in my shoulder yesterday. It just started aching. I’m pretty sure it’s from the glute bridges I tried yesterday – I found a body alignment and conscious muscle engagement pattern that made the muscles on the right side of my back wake up and work. It feels like my left side has unloaded some into my right and thus I have a tight tendon that’s not screaming at me. Luckily it’s not affecting my range of motion, it’s just sore.


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