Day 6: No Alcohol

I slept pretty good last night, I didn’t take a full hot shower. I really needed to rinse off after training with one of my teachers yesterday. Grappling tops are like wearing drop cloths, freaggin’ sweat in them like crazy. But sweating while training is always good, so is being uncomfortable while you’re doing it. The nice thing with my new top is that I can move my upper body around better – it might have something to do with my increase in hand speed.

I did notice an increase in mobility and energy overall yesterday while training – my body is feeling lighter and my right glutes are feeling more mobile/stronger. So I’m definitely going to keep the corrective exercises up with my weight training.

Speaking of my new top, it’s funny to me that Tigerclaw doesn’t even list a size 8 on their sizing chart (at least for the Cahill gi at the bottom) but they offer size 8 uniforms – and yeah it’s definitely a size 8. My size 7 restricted my chest and shoulders, this size 8 gives me room to move.

It’s getting easier to resist sugar, but my body is still craving it later in the day. I gave in and ate a couple packages of fruit snacks last night.


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