No Alcohol: Starting Over

Okay, I still can’t believe I did this.

My wife and I go to lunch during the week, a nice chance to just be able to talk to each other and not worry about anything else.

The Mrs. asked about going to a bar we haven’t been to for a bit (the service/food quality has been going downhill for a while). I said yeah sure without thinking about anything.

I got there before she did and got a table, then a waiter I hadn’t seen for a while was there so we did some chit chat and then I ordered a beer without thinking.

I got about 1/4 of the way through my “big dog” (about 2 US pints) and looked at my wife and said “shit – I’m not supposed to be drinking this.” She looked at me confused then it hit her as well.

So I could rationalize and say “well I’m really wanting to get away from getting buzzed every night.” Which I am, but – the purpose of this is redefine my relationship with alcohol – to be deliberate and conscientious about my consumption – of which this drink was not until I got into it. Then I said “well I’ve drank this much, may as well enjoy the rest of it.”

I did enjoy it – a nice crisp IPA. But I also found myself wishing I had ordered a pint as well. A “big dog” is just too much, so I guess that’s a good lesson anyway. But yeah, back to day 1 tomorrow.


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