Day 4: No Alcohol

Wow, the sugar craving were a bit rough last night and I did succumb. But I did stop myself at one point and remembered Peter Attia’s book Outlive – basically high blood sugar is the gateway to a ton of chronic health problems. So yeah, I’m keeping that in mind as I go through this process. As well I’m realizing that I need to be ready with some protein shakes to fill in the calorie gap – at least most of it – a slight deficit would do me some good I’m sure.

I made it to the gym for the 3rd time this week – HELL YEAH! Got in full depth squats at 245, benched 235, and then swapped deadlifts for Farmer Carries with an 80lb dumbbell in each hand – yeah I didn’t make a full back and forth on the 3rd round. But that simply means I managed to titrate exactly to where I needed to be. I still need to add in some ab work, but I’ll get there.

I’ve been thinking that compared to where my life was 20 years ago – I must be just about unrecognizable. While there are plenty of people in the world that would kill to have the life I had 20 years ago, there’s probably a lot more that would do the same for the one I have now. That’s not say my life is crazy luxurious or anything, but I have a DAMN GOOD life I’ve built. Looking at the gap between 20 years ago and now, I think I actually do somethings to say that will help others.

So I’m going to start rolling out some bigger projects as opposed to just these days challenge updates.


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