Day 3: No Alcohol

I didn’t realize how many calories I must have been getting from drinking – my appetite, particularly for carbs/sugar went through the roof. I drank a couple of 20oz sodas (about what I would have consumed with drinks) and ate some fruit snacks (okay like 4 small packets).

I started dozing off about 9:30 last night, but the wife was cooking late so yeah had to stay up. I took a hot shower while waiting for dinner, ate then I was out pretty much immediately.

I woke up this morning and some persistent congestion has started to clear out as well I don’t have “the fog” this morning. Yeah drinking a shot of picked juice and a glass of water every morning has seemed to helped a lot with pre-empting it before. But this is even better.

Thinking about it, I didn’t realized how much of my evening was eaten up by consuming alcohol – typically not a lot of alcohol, just a enough to get and keep a buzz. But then I wouldn’t have any ambition to do anything else. So yeah, I’ll need to make myself sit down and read and/or work on other projects.

Yeah I would get a buzz and still spend time with my wife and son, but without the alcohol I’ve got more clarity and ambition that I could be productive – i.e. get stuff off of my massive todo list around the house.


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