Day 19: Cold Water Therapy

I slept really well last night, the uncomfortably hot shower right before bed is definitely helping me.

The cold water in the morning is improving my discipline – not hugely but it’s improving. I’m also thinking some other stuff must be happening as my beard is filling in. I’ve also noticed a reduction in the size of my feet, hands, and joints when I get out of the shower – inflammation must be going down. Not that my hands/feet/joints were noticeably swollen – but my wedding ring slips off more easily, just like my shoes slip on more easily afterword.

Yeah, this is one of the practices I’m going to have to continue doing after the 30 days are up. I’m also thinking I’m going to try full cold plunges once a week – probably on Saturdays after this is over. Just get a full tub of ice cold water and make myself sit in it for 5 minutes and work my way up.


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