Day 18: Cold Water Therapy

Well, today was exhausting – 400+ miles in a car doing 8 hours of travel across the state and back for my grandmother’s funeral.

I feel a bit strange, I haven’t been sad that she’s gone. I more feel relief as she was such a vibrant person for most of my life and then the last several years she’s been confined to chair and then to her bed.

I’m glad she’s not stuck there anymore.

The cold water was pretty damn cold this morning – it’s been raining a lot the last couple of days. But yeah, making myself do something uncomfortable really helps in being able to handle other stresses in life.

I cranked the shower last night – it was uncomfortable, then I kept going to where it was just shy of painful. I felt the part of myself wanting to get out of the shower immediately start to kick in. So I left the water there for a couple of minutes and then got out.

I slept pretty good last night, even though I woke up a few times. Going to try again tonight.


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