Day 20: Cold Water Therapy

I made it to the gym today. I got squats and bench in, then the deadlift platform was in use – so I tried doing some asymmetric loading. I took a 40lb dumbbell in each hand then stuck one arm straight up and let the other one hang. I then walked back and forth across the gym – just one back and forth. Then I switched arms and did it again. Then took a tow minute rest. I did that 3 times in lieu of of deadlifts – and yeah they had the desired effect. I also just got 40lb sand bag today and got it filled. So I’m going to try some more dynamic movements, more specifically targeting my transverse plane.

I got my cold shower in after the gym and you’d think the water wouldn’t be that uncomfortable after a hard workout – but yeah it was. I’m getting some stuff ready to go for tomorrow then, I’m going to take my hot shower – I missed it last night.


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