Day 14: Cold Water Therapy

I got out of bed without much time to spare, but I did get my journaling done before I jumped into the shower.

I’m getting interested in sauna/heat therapy for the health benefits, not to mention there’s actually a physiological response to being really uncomfortably hot that you can learn to control. Although said response is a survival mechanism to prevent nervous system damage if the temperature is too hot.

But yeah there’s a number of benefits to being uncomfortably hot without cooking your nervous system – all cause mortality drops by like 27% according to one study cited by Huberman. It’s also a cardio workout, on top of helping you get a bunch of crap out of your lymphatic system by sweating a lot. I haven’t been able to find a portable sauna that will go hot enough though – everything stops around 165 degrees Fahrenheit – or at least that’s what’s advertised.

I could try some uncomfortably hot showers before bed – somehow I find that fitting to do cold exposure in the morning then some some heat exposure before bed.


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