Embracing Warriorship – Reboot

I’ve been debating on what to do differently this time around and I had a couple of epiphanies while I was at it.

I’ve got access to a dojo that’s unused first thing in the morning, so I’m going to start going in and training for an hour on days when I’m not doing weights. This might be a disaster, but I feel like this is something that will work out well. I can take things slowly if I’m sore, but I can still make myself get up and practice martial arts for an hour then do the rest of my morning stuff. I’m also going to take a “day off” on Mondays as they’re a freaggin busy day anyway.

And by day off, I’m not going to stress getting up early, reading, meditating, planning my day, or doing professional reading. As well, I won’t be doing MA training, or EDC draws.

I will still however be journaling, showering/cold water exposure, hydration, protein supplementation, and taking my dog for a walk (yeah, something I should be doing everyday anyway, but the goal is to do better) every day. For my goal of finishing a book every 30 days, I’m just going to change it to read 10 pages from a professional book every day aside from Monday. Then I’ll still be making plenty of progress every 30 days.

Tomorrow is going to be something of a special day, as I’m going to the gym and doing a full workout. Then I’m going to the dojo to train to exhaustion – after which the Mrs. is taking me out for sushi! A way to celebrate my next trip around the sun and really start to embrace the journey I’m on.


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