Day 1: Embracing Warriorship

I got up and got my son ready to go to the babysitter and then I headed for the gym and got a full weight session in.

Making sure I get a full 2 min between sets helps massively.

From the gym I headed over to the dojo – I had Spotify going on the Megadeth discography and Take No Prisoners started playing when I got in the car. I figured that was a perfect sentiment for what I was doing.

I got to the dojo and changed into my gi and started to get to work. Yeah I really need cardio – but I did get 45 solid minutes of work, my activities included:

  • Jumping Jacks – 30
  • Ran laps around the dojo (approx 2 laps each):
    • Running
    • Grapevines (doing figure 8s with my feet)
    • High-heel run
    • High-knee run
  • Front stances with a reverse punch – was really focusing on moving from the center
  • Going forward into Back stances one lap then backward into back stances – again moving from the center. My legs were really not liking these, so I made myself do a lot of back and forth across the floor with them (about 10 in total I think) while focusing mentally on only accepting victory and moving from my center.
  • Got into Horse stance and did 100 thrust punches
  • Did a few 2 minute rounds of shadow boxing:
    • 1st round – jab/cross with simple footwork
    • 2nd round – more complex footwork – an offline step followed by a swing step mostly
    • 3rd round – elbows with foot work – worked a lot of spinning elbows
    • 4th round – footwork with kicks

Not bad for the first time doing a hard training session like that in a while – let alone after doing a full weight session.

Yes, my body has been tired all day since, but it feels so damn good. I got my EDC draws done – the first few were noticeably slower as I hadn’t done them for a couple or three days. I’m sure the general fatigue didn’t help much either.

Yeah this is all about doing what I set out to do in spite of being tired. I don’t have another double training session on the calendar – but after today’s I want to make it a regular thing.


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