Day 20: Shaping Discipline

I slept in a bit this morning, then got up and walked out to my kitchen and hydrated. Then I decided to go go back to bed – I’m still fighting crap. I’m about 90%, but for some reason my body just won’t come back the last 10%. I’m still congested and have low energy – but the low energy I suspect is from lack of sunshine (I really want to go groundhog hunting).

I got everything else done after I took my son to the babysitter – except my professional reading. I’m ahead in my 30 days to read a book goal and I’ve got another book I’ve fallen behind in specifically for work so I’m gonna focus on that.

I’m thinking for the next 30 days I need to add some time specific to stretching as I haven’t really been able to make myself do it as part of my mobility work. While the mobility work is helping, I’ve got a long way to go with range of motion particularly in my hips. But I’m also feeling like the amount of time I’m spending needs to be condensed. All of this stuff is absolutely great – but it’s been creeping up and I’ve got other stuff I need to get done.

All that being said, I did get out of the bathroom in 20 minutes again today. Which is nice compared to the 45 I have been spending – too much enjoying warm water in the shower. Like I said I’ve got shit to do.

Thinking about it, I think I can get a lot of the benefits I want from mediation and the flexibility/mobility from a basic yoga flow for 10-15 minutes.

With my martial practice, I haven’t been very strict with the 10 minute goal – but I’ve been going longer and longer. This is actually the most consistent I’ve been with my practice in 20 years.

I think the theme for my next 30 days is going to be “embracing warriorship” – I’ve been feeling inspired by Living the Martial Way and also by Way of the Peaceful Warrior. It is well past time I embrace that I no longer study for rank or external validation but because it’s who I am.


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