Day 19: Shaping Discipline

I got up late this morning – well comparatively anyway. I jumped in the shower at 5:11 and was out of the bathroom by 5:31. I did end up taking a mostly cold shower to make sure my wife had hot water. I’m thinking it’s going to become something regular.

I had to cut a few activities short, but I got through everything. My poor son stayed home sick again – then he’ll probably get sick again after he goes back to pre-school next week.

I realized that I’ve been dealing with a lot of unprocessed anger – stuff that I simply denied existed and just pushed down for decades. I’m cleaning out old wounds and that means experiencing and letting go of the emotions. I’m trying to let the emotions go without directing them at anyone in particular – but unfortunately I’m not perfect and people are getting anger they don’t necessarily deserve.

Having the realization about it yesterday, if recent events have been an indicator of how things will go – the awareness will help me process things in a healthy manner.

I’ve been reading Secrets of the Pelvis for Martial Arts and it’s got me thinking about emotional blockages in my body and how it feels like many of them have dissolved over the last few months – pretty crazy.


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