Day 21: Shaping Discipline

Holy crap, getting close to finishing my second 30 day challenge. I realized the last few days it’s been getting progressively more difficult for me mentally to go through everything. Thinking about it today, I think it’s that my internal identity is shifting – instead of always thinking about what I “should” be doing or “want” to do – suddenly I’ve been doing them for almost 60 days continuously.

The evidence I now have for how I should think about myself has changed dramatically and I’m working on increasing said behaviors.

Continuing from yesterday, I’m wanting to shrink down my morning routine to a small set of practices that will get me going and feeling good in the morning. As well, giving myself some space to look at how I’m thinking and feeling about things. Then I’m going to break my martial practice and my job skill work out into separate activities during the day.

I think my goals for my next 30 day cycle will look like:

  • Wake up at 4:45
  • Hydrate/Nourish – water and electrolytes, a protein shake, and probiotics/fiber
  • Loosen my body up and center myself – 10 minutes of yoga
  • Get my blood pumping – 10 minutes of kettlebell ladders
  • Get clean – shower/shave/groomed and cold water exposure (about 20 minutes)
  • Inspiration – read something uplifting for 10 minutes
  • Clear out emotional baggage – journal for a full page in my journal (about 20 minutes)


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