Day 8: Shaping Discipline

Got out of bed on time – well before 4:45 this morning. I did realize this morning that I should be doing the stuff I’m avoiding first – duhhh me.

I took my shower and got dressed first, then hydrated. Then I went right to meditating (keep checking the time right around the 7 minute mark), then did my mobility work and then pistol draws. From there I did my professional reading, then planned my work tasks, and did my visualization.

It’s funny going out and getting my son ready and thinking “I could use some coffee, but it’s too early. Oh wait, I’ve been awake for two hours already” at 6:30am.

After my wife and son left, I came back and did my enlightenment reading and journaled.

It really is nice having all of that done before I even start work.

I did also leave my cell phone on my nightstand and brought the time timer from my bathroom into my office. Yeah it helps not having the temptation look at my phone – this is also why I’ve been turning my personal computer off instead of letting it go to sleep lately as well. It’s helped me focus on work more.

Not that I haven’t been dealing with my mind trying (and succeeding in many cases) to pull me in several directions at once – that aren’t work. But I’ll just keep doing my best.


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