Day 5: Building a 2nd Brain

It was a good workout today, again writing my workouts down prior to going to the gym is the way to go. I commit to it before hand and it gets done. Shit I should do that for getting out of bed and shit in the morning. I keep telling myself I’m going to get up early, but then I know the wife will be up later and it’s the only real time her and I get spend together on a regular basis. Welp, which is more important? I think spending time with my wife.

So anyway, my workout today:

  • Kickstand Squats: 3 sets of 10 reps on each leg with a 25lb dumbbell held goblet style
  • Bench Press: 1 set of 5 at 135lbs, 1 set of 5 at 225lbs, 2 sets of 5 at 275lbs, 1 set of 4 at 275lbs
  • One-Handed Deadlift: 2 sets of 5 reps on each side with a 50lb dumbbell, 1 set of 10 reps on each side with a 50lb dumbbell
  • Shoulder taps: 4 sets of 20
  • Elliptical: 5 minutes pre-workout, 12 minutes post-workout with a 3 minute cooldown for a total of 15 minutes

The Kickstand Squats are great as usual, I’m going to try loading them asymmetrically next week during my de-load week. We’ll see how those go, then I’m thinking I’m going to start trying Curtsey Squats, keep kicking that mobility up. What these Kickstand Squats have done for my kicking is amazing – I think mentally I’m still hesitant to kick after I pulled my hamstring a few years ago. But yeah, being able to throw solid high, and fast kicks with no warm-up is amazing. The extra glute strength seems to be what I was missing.

With the one-hand deadlifts, I think I need to up the weight. 50lbs works as a warm-up set, but I think I’m going to try a set of 10 for a warm-up at 50, then I’m going to try 75lbs and maybe go up from there for some sets of 5.

And yet again, it’s not a good idea to listen to something funny while trying to focus on complex movement patterns under load. I was listening to the Unsubscribe Podcast and busted up laughing while I was doing Kickstand Squats.

In terms of building a 2nd Brain, it’s slow going, but I’m getting more comfortable pulling my phone out and making sure to create todo list items for projects and to take notes on piece of information I gather for said projects. I’m working on some designs for a system at work to collect MAC addresses and pair them with machines that have our endpoint protection installed on them and get the information loaded into our inventory management system. This is a whole new world in terms of interacting with APIs and such.

With class last night, I pulled out the new boxing gloves. I don’t know if it’s that I don’t know how to use them, or I’m just not used to them – but I have trouble forming a fist properly with them. I kept rolling my wrist when I was hitting the heavy bag. Maybe I need some bigger gloves.

Aside from that, the increased physical activity levels with emphasis on a small set of skills. One of my students had his shoulder come out of joint working the heavy bag. So after we finished a couple more rounds of stations, I gave a brief demo of some Chotaifukusu on everyone’s upper back – ughh, should have had someone try it on me and I could give feedback. Oh well, my student’s shoulder went back in with minimal fuss – sounded like fabric ripping as it went back into joint. I don’t know if that’s healthy, but he was happy afterword. Everyone looked like they were ready for a nap after the demo.


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