Day 6: Building a 2nd Brain

Yesterday was pretty uneventful, spent some time as a family and then came home before it got too hot outside. Welcome to Summer.

As far as cataloging information, I took some notes on some “100” workouts from Athlean-X on YouTube. I’m going to try some of the workouts after my de-load week this week.

Making myself take notes on things, including the sources, is turning into a good practice. I’m finding that I don’t mindlessly consume so much content and making myself write out some notes about the content is helping me cement the information in my head.

On the subject of the gym, I’ll see if I make in or not today after working on my back yard. I’ve been neglecting it pretty heavily. I need to get it mowed something fierce and need to get my weed-eater going as well. This is all while trying to avoid Great Dane “landmines” that I can’t see to clean up before I mow – yep that’s all on me.

I’ve also got to get a portion of my back yard rototilled so I can start working on my deck. The plans for the deck would probably be good to take notes on – get the ideas out of my head onto paper/scanned into my system for reference. I’ve taken measurements for the decking material a few times, but I keep losing the paper/deleting notes from my phone.


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