Day 4: Building a 2nd Brain

This process of data curation is much slower to see results than I thought it would be – perhaps it’s because I’m taking in less information the last several days. Probably because I’m thinking about how to ingest the data and make notes about thing.

Consciously making notes in the appropriate place is something I can see making a big difference in the long run. I picked up the book Essential Anatomy for Healing and Martial Arts. I’m working on taking actual notes about what I’m reading that I’ll be able to refer back to.

I think for the most part this 2nd Brain method is geared around content creators, but at the same time this really does seem to hold potential for knowledge workers in general.

I updated my training log for the first time in a couple weeks – I realized how little I’m actually doing to get ready for the tournament. I really just need to move and work my basic skills.

I have a problem focusing on a single thing, I’m hoping that having something to dump my notes and such into will help me focus. But that’s going to take more time to see.


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