Day 10: No Alcohol

My wife pointed out something I did last night – an interaction with my son. It made me realize I’ve been a bit more impatient/aggressive lately. It might be missing alcohol, but I’m pretty sure physiologically at least, I’m over it. I’m actually more inclined to think my baseline testosterone levels are coming up due to not consuming so damn much alcohol. I’ll have to hit up my doctor about another blood test.

If it was just the aggression I might not be so quick to jump to higher test, but my skin has been feeling more oily – like when I was teenager – and my weight training has been going really well. Although the weight training is probably because of the corrective work I’ve been doing more than anything.

Regardless, I’m still curious to know how my test levels are doing since I’ve been cleaning up more of my diet. I did a good job of limiting processed sugar yesterday – I only had a Rockstar during the day and a 20oz Coke on ice last night. I’ve been keeping up my water consumption after meals as well. I was also thinking about switching to diet/sugar free drinks – that’s freaggin crazy.

I’m still working on a bigger project, I’m writing a guide to overhaul your life. I’m still wrestling with how to write it and what type of voice to use. What I’ve written has some good stuff, but it’s more of a “here’s something you should do and here’s why this person says it’s good” list. Good information, but no real reason why anyone would want to read it. I’m putting the work in – the muse will come.


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