Day 26: Cold Water Therapy

Family stayed overnight in a hotel, so yeah had to take a cold shower in a strange bathroom. But I still got it done – yeah it’s definitely getting easier to make myself do things I don’t feel like or want to do. I’m really thinking this cold water exposure thing is something potentially life-changing. I also found my swim shorts are fitting noticeably more loosely – I don’t know if it’s from loss of fat or muscle – but my legs and butt have been feeling noticeably less flabby lately. So I’m going to go with my body is burning fat – yeah I’ve still gotta get an impedance scan done – well I could find my fat calipers and make a note (it’s been a while since I’ve used them).

The uncomfortably hot shower right before bed helped with my sleep yet again – even being in a strange room I was out like a light (yeah, I took some other precautions on the door so I’d hopefully have more notice if I needed to wake up).


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