Embracing Warriorship: The End

I think this challenge is dead.

I’ve been fighting with myself and trying to understand why I haven’t had the drive to push through this challenge like I’ve had for the previous ones.

I’ve picked up some good habits, but I find myself contemplating why I’m continuing this format. It’s putting a bunch of pressure on myself and I’ve realized I’m actually running close to the edge of burnout.

So yeah I think I’m going to kill this challenge.

I’m going to keep writing about what I’m learning and figuring out.

I still feel like I have something to offer others, I just need to keep developing it.

I realized I’ve been beating myself up over not getting this stuff done and that’s not serving me. I’m just chasing myself back into a hole so I’ll feel fine being small.

No beuno.

So I’ll have to shake stuff up and get back to winning.

How I’m going to do that, I don’t know yet.


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