Day 9: Embracing Warriorship

I must be getting close to some genuine gold here.

I’m having the hardest time wanting to continue this process.

I’m reflecting on life and for a long time, I’ve liked the idea of become a life coach. I remember being inspired by my first Karate instructor.

I can pretty much trace the trajectory of my adult life back to going through the door of that school for the first time.

My life started to improve with physical fitness, then I started to set actual goals and even better – achieve them. I went to college – which I don’t recommend for everyone (hell I don’t know that I would have gone if I knew then what I know now).

There are so many ways to “improve” your life – especially if you’re remotely curious and know what Google is (and how to use it). But I realized a while ago – most of that stuff is simply piling stuff on top of the work you really need to do on yourself.

I’ve heard/read many times that the real demons you need to face are in the places you refuse to look. In my case, I wanted to look, to understand my pain, but it took someone pointing to the pain for me to even know where to look. Hell I didn’t even understand the depths of the pain I was dealing with.

The big question for me is how do I help others now that I’ve looked and more importantly accepted those parts of myself.

Yeah I’m still working through habits and perceptions – but I feel like I see the world completely differently now.

How can I help other people? My rambling journal entries might be help to a few people – but nobody wants to read your shit – they want stuff to help them meet their goals and move on.


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