Day 8: Embracing Warriorship

I got the core stuff done yesterday (again, this is the next day), which is always nice. Thinking about how much difficulty I’ve been having with getting through things – I’m thinking I’ve been relying too much on willpower and I’ve generally got so much crap going on anyway that I don’t have much left.

Yeah if I got everything done first thing, it wouldn’t be an issue.

But with my son being sick and keeping me and the Mrs. up a lot of the night, it’s been proving difficult to get out of bed early. Especially since I’m probably fighting whatever my son has been dealing with the last several days – bleh.

I’m also thinking what I’ve been attempting to do is far to stressful physically. I wish I could do 3 full weight sessions a week and 3 heavy sessions in the dojo a week. But yeah that’s a pipe dream right now. So I think I’m going to focus on 2 weight sessions a week and 2 dojo sessions a week. Then I’ll go from there. Basically give myself Monday “off” and then have a more physical break Thursday and Friday.

I still want to make sure I’m working forms every day and doing my EDC draws too. Yeah that seems like a good way to handle things.


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