Day 28: Shaping Discipline

There was a story in Way of the Peaceful Warrior that talked about someone seeking enlightenment and they came across an old man carrying a sack. The seeker asked the old man “what is enlightenment?” The old man responded b dropping his heavy load and standing up straight. The seeker then asked “what do you do after attaining enlightenment?” The old man picked up his sack, nodded and continued on his way.

I’ve been reflecting on what I ultimately want from this process and I realized I’ve been looking at it, like there’s an end to it. Which there is – when I’m dead.

I look at so much of my life now and I realize I’ve only been accumulating experiences – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Life is for living after all.

But, with my martial arts practice and self-development there has always been the mental stopping point. The old “when I do this – then I’ll be happy/fulfilled/whatever.”

That’s not the way life works.

Even after getting what you want, you’ve still got to get up the next morning, take the trash out, feed the dog, and take a dump.

I think this is why learning to simply be present is so powerful as far as contentment goes. Yeah, can and should have goals, but you should also be present and enjoy what you already have.

In terms of getting my morning stuff done – I got out of bed close enough to on-time (4:49) and I got everything done before I went and had breakfast with a good friend of mine.

So hell yeah.


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