Day 24: Shaping Discipline

Holy crap, less than a week out from finishing my second 30 day challenge. Again, there hasn’t been anything mind-blowing that’s happened. But I’ve had a couple of very impactful experiences that have helped my relationship with others as well as my relationship with myself.

It felt really good to go out into my driveway this morning and do my mobility work and then practice various forms – Siu Lim Tao, Tekki Shodan, Short 1, Short 2 – while the sun wasn’t very high in the sky. Just getting to soak up some unadulterated sunshine as opposed to artificial light – it really helps me feel a lot better.

If nothing else, I’ve found these challenges as something great for me – they’re a set of things I’m going to get done every day. I’m getting pretty close to finishing Cyberjutsu – I think there’s about 25 pages left. I’ve been getting a lot of stuff to chew on from Living the Martial Way as well – I’ve been reflecting on Stoic virtues and living life as a warrior. Really deep and fulfilling stuff.

The journaling is really healthy, especially making myself fill out a whole large page. It really lets me think and ramble and it’s something physical – I’ve been working on improving my penmanship most days – I think I over grip the pen.


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