Day 15: Shaping Discipline

I woke up this morning, but chose to stay in bed and rest for a little bit longer – gotta love having a child in daycare. But I got up by 5:15 and then get everything done even with my son waking up.

I started reading Living the Martial Way today and after reading the introduction, I think this is the perfect book to follow up Way of the Peaceful Warrior with. But we’ll see – if nothing else the book itself looks like it has a lot of great information in it.

With my martial practice, I opted to practice more basic movements today – yeah they weren’t on my list of options, but it’s what I feel like I need. I’ve been reconnecting with the movements and paying more attention to my body as I go through them. As well I think kicking in particular is helping to reverse damage from poor posture over the last several years.

I’ve been thinking about what to push for in the next 30 days – yeah I’m only half way through this one. But I’m developing the discipline I set out for with this one – yeah it’s only basic bits of discipline. But this process is about progress and allowing myself the freedom to adjust things as they become apparent.

I really think I’m onto something with these 30 day blocks – those and cutting myself some slack, while also giving myself a ton of chances to keep my word with myself first thing in the morning.


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