Day 5: Shaping Discipline

This morning did not go as planned – my body needed more rest. So I let myself sleep in, then I got up and got my son ready while my wife got ready for work.

This morning has been a simple exercise in pushing forward while accepting previous choices.

I couldn’t make myself take a shower first thing, but I was able to sit down and get myself to focus on reading. I read Way of the Peaceful Warrior for 10 minutes and then I did my professional reading. From there things started to get easier. I had my light exposure going while I was reading, and then I had a much easier time getting in the shower.

I ended up slipping into a meditative state while I simply let myself feel the shower. I steamed myself a little in hopes of helping my sinuses/throat an simply enjoyed the feeling of breathing and paying attention to my sense. I realized random thoughts were coming into my head, but they just simply passed while I enjoyed my time.

The process continued while I shaved, got dressed, and brushed my teeth.

So I got a two-fer with shower/shave and meditation.

I’ve had this image of a zombie from The Walking Dead going through my head all morning – just focus on what you want and if there’s an obstacle simply flow around it. Internally I really haven’t wanted to do anything this morning, but I’ve just kept focusing on moving forward and I’ve managed to get just about everything on my list done (still need to do mobility work, but that will be a nice break from working at my desk).


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